Meet Senior Decision Makers From

  • Canadian LNG Export Terminal Developers
  • Asian Buyers Of LNG (including Utilities, Governments, LNG Import Terminal Operators and Petrochemicals companies)
  • Regulators
  • First Nations
  • Pipeline Operators
  • Canadian E&P companies
  • Ports
  • Shipping Companies

With The Following Job Titles

  • LNG Marketing
  • LNG Origination
  • LNG Trading
  • LNG Purchasing
  • LNG Contracts
  • Natural Gas Trading
  • Natural Gas Marketing
  • Supply
  • Logistics
  • Export
  • Business Development
  • Head of Commercial Operations
  • Regional LNG Representatives
  • Commercial
  • Marketing
  • Gas Marketing
  • Gas Scheduling / Scheduler
  • Natural Gas
  • Gas Trading
  • Market Analysis
  • Transportation
  • Corporate Development
  • Strategy
  • Risk
  • Trading
  • Energy Trading
  • Corporate Planning

Plus Providers Of Product Services & Support Including:

  • LNG Ship / Carrier / Tanker / Vessel Owners
  • EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) Companies who service the LNG industry
  • EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) Companies who service the pipeline industry
  • LNG module providers
  • LNG FEED Contractors
  • Workforce Planning & Recruitment Solutions (recruitment consultancy / recruitment software / employee lodging)
  • LNG safety / inspection services
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Land Management Services
  • Law Firms (Specializing in Government Relations / Tax)
  • Law Firms (Specializing in First Nations & Stakeholder Relations)
  • Law Firms (Specializing in Land Rights)
  • Liquefaction Technology
  • Regasification Technology
  • Carrier Technology
  • LNG Transfer
  • LNG Containers
  • Freight Advisors
  • LNG Brokers
  • Plant Management
  • LNG Strategy and Planning Consultancy


With the current glut of natural gas in Canada due to increases in shale gas production and disappearing demand from the U.S.A., it is now pivotal for the entire Canadian natural gas industry that they establish LNG export infrastructure to reach new Asian markets such as Japan, China and India.  However, although seven LNG export terminals have now already received government approval, many obstacles still lie in the way of the creation of a globally competitive LNG export industry in Canada. 

For the industry to get off the ground, Canadian LNG terminal developers need to collaborate with regulators to establish a fertile fiscal framework to attract buyers, work with First Nations to create mutually beneficial solutions for establishing pipeline infrastructure and, crucially, find Asian buyers who are willing to enter into long term contracts.  With rival projects being developed in the U.S., Australia and Qatar, these obstacles need to be overcome urgently before the opportunity is missed.

To address these challenges, the Canadian LNG Exports: Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration Initiative 2014 will be the first Canadian-specific platform connecting Canadian LNG Terminal developers and regulators with Asian buyers from Japan, China and India and key First Nations groups to find practical solutions for collaborating to establish a globally competitive LNG export industry in Canada.

The event will provide a 360 degree view from each stakeholder group on what they are doing to speed up the development of the Canadian LNG export industry and what they need from the other stakeholders in order to move forward, with the practical output of laying the foundations for the new wave of national and international partnerships that will push the industry forward. It will include perspective from:

ASIAN BUYERS : Key buyers from China, Japan and India who are looking specifically at the Canadian LNG market will explain for he first time their strategy and readiness for entering into long term contracts and forecast projected prices and netbacks for Canadian LNG exported to Asia.

REGULATORS :  Federal and provincial regulators will explain how they intend to create a stable fiscal and regulatory framework for supporting the Canadian LNG export industry and providing strategies for securing the manpower necessary to power it.

FIRST NATIONS :  Key First Nations groups will break down exactly what they need from the industry in terms of economic benefits and environmental stewardship in order for them to get behind the creation of a Canadian LNG export industry.

LNG TERMINAL DEVELOPERS :  LNG Terminal developers will break down the timings, locations and projected competitivity of proposed LNG export terminals and how the industry can work with regulators to ensure the opportunity is not missed

PIPELINE DEVELOPERS :  Pipeline developers will provide updates on the progress being made in overcoming the environmental challenges of establishing pipeline networks to feed Canadian LNG export terminals

The event will be the only place to hear updates from every key stakeholder group and be part of the new wave of collaborative partnerships in the emerging Canadian LNG export industry as it is formed.


The Canadian LNG Exports: Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration Initiative 2014 will be the first ever Canadian LNG exports event to...

... focus specifically on collaboration and partnership opportunities between all the key stakeholders whose buy-in is required to get the industry off the ground.  It will be the only place to discover the latest progress in establishing the support of all the key stakeholders including terminal developers, Asian buyers, regulators, pipeline developers and First Nations and how companies throughout the Canadian Oil & Gas industry an benefit.  In 2 days of brand new content, this event will be unique in delivering:

CANADIAN-FOCUSED ASIAN LNG BUYERS :  All the Asian buyers at this event including the likes of PetroChina and Indian Oil have been pre-screened to ensure that they have LNG procurement plans specific to Canada.

FRESH UPDATES ON TERMINAL TIMINGS :  Key terminal developers such as Shell and Kitsault Energy will deliver fresh updates on the timescales and volumes of supply of proposed LNG export terminals

SPECIFICS ON LONG TERM CONTRACTS & PRICING : For the very first time key Asian buyers will be talking specifically about their readiness to enter into long term contracts and provide forecasts on projected prices and netbacks for Canadian LNG exports to Asia.

PRACTICAL FIRST NATIONS PERSPECTIVES : Due to the specific focus on partnerships and stakeholder collaboration at this event, all First Nation presentations will be focused on practical solutions for establishing the requisite First Nation support for getting the industry off the ground

REGULATOR PERSPECTIVES :  Regulators from a number of key departments in the Canadian government will provide perspectives on how each department plans to support the growth of the LNG industry in Canada

SOLUTIONS FOR OVERCOMING SKILLED LABOR SHORTAGES :  Evaluating industry and government strategies for securing the skilled labor necessary to deliver Canadian LNG terminal and pipeline infrastructure on time

BRAND NEW LNG PIPELINE UPDATES : Gaining insight into the progress being made in establishing pipelines to feed LNG export terminals in Canada

DETAILED ANALYSIS ON AVAILABILITY OF SHIPS & PORTS : Examining solutions for securing the shipping and port capacity to take Canadian LNG exports to market


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